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Top 5 Repairs Medulla,FL HVAC Contractors Complete

Heating, cooling, and ventilation professionals understand how to handle any task related to residential HVAC units. Their training teaches them to inspect, clean, and repair components that are showing wear and tear. Medulla,FL HVAC contractors can also replace and install new components and units when necessary. Thanks to their experience, they recognize common HVAC repair issues and know how to fix them. 

A Polk County HVAC technician’s knowledge and experience turn them into a valuable resource for homeowners. As a homeowner, you can count on HVAC technicians to care for your home’s unit as if it was their own. The goal is to help the unit reach the manufacturer’s expected lifespan, which is 15 to 20 years. 

Homeowners aren’t expected to be able to troubleshoot a malfunctioning HVAC unit. Instead, have the professionals do it for you. If you schedule regular maintenance, you’re already a step ahead. By allowing the professionals to care for your home’s unit, you’re helping stave off frequent Medulla HVAC repair.

The following are the top repairs Polk HVAC contractors complete.

Tripped Breakers

Tripped breakers indicate that an HVAC unit is requesting more power than the breaker can handle. This poses a significant risk during the peak summer weather because one spark could cause a fire. 

HVAC technicians receive how to troubleshoot heating and cooling units training; they’re also trained to handle electrical issues that impact the unit. In this case, the professionals take a look at the unit from the inside to figure out why it’s requiring more power.

Some things that cause a unit to trip the breakers include a dirty air filter, dirty condenser coils, or low refrigerant levels. In other words, an HVAC unit trips the breakers because it requires maintenance. Dirty coils, air filters, and blowers cause the parts to work harder because layers of dust and other particles obstruct their ability to move as intended by the manufacturer.

There are times when the connections are older, so they’re not as strong as they were years ago. This causes any activity from the unit to trip them. Our technicians run a series of tests to determine the reason behind the issue.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

A malfunctioning thermostat is an issue that causes an HVAC unit to stop operating at an optimal level. If it’s not working properly, the HVAC system won’t heat or cool as intended. Several factors impact the thermostat such as the initial installation, age, and where it’s positioned. The sensors are the biggest cause for concern in this situation.

Sensors that lose their ability to gauge the temperature of the indoor air won’t trigger the unit to start cooling or heating. It might not trigger the unit to stop its output even though the house has already reached its desired temperature.

Malfunctioning thermostats lead to additional wear and tear on HVAC units. It easily causes more strain on the parts as they transition from the on and off setting. Technicians follow their protocol to troubleshoot the device. The issue could be as simple as needing maintenance or as decisive as needing a replacement. 

One positive outcome of a malfunctioning thermostat is that it allows you to upgrade to its smart counterpart. The smart thermostat has a half-degree error rate whereas the analog version has a five-degree error rate. The smart version allows you to begin automating the unit and lengthening its life.


Leaks from an HVAC unit are never a good sign. Once the fluid is visible outside the unit, it indicates that corrosion on the coils is significant, a clog in the drainage exists or the unit contains bacteria. 

The refrigerant cools off the hot air an HVAC unit absorbs. It goes from a liquid state to a gas state and back to liquid several times during its use. The vapor leftover from the air and the changing state of the refrigerant create condensation on the outside of the coils. The drip pan underneath the coils catches the moisture. The pan carries the water to the drain line. A clog prevents the draining and overflows the pan. 

If the coil that contains the refrigerant is leaking, you’re looking at a hazardous repair that requires a professional’s expertise. Florida government agencies regulate the chemical so that it’s only handled by trained professionals. Plus, they require the proper tools. If a coil is leaking refrigerant, the unit cannot cool the air at an optimal level. The leak indicates that the coil is corroded. 

A Medulla, FL technician troubleshoots the leak. Based on the findings, the coil will require cleaning or replacement.

Blower Keeps Running

A blower fan that keeps running prevents a few potential issues. If the blower keeps running and blowing cold or heated air, it means that the thermostat is malfunctioning. Technicians will either clean the thermostat or replace it.

When the blower fan continues to run, but it does not deliver any output, it means that there could be a problem with the fan setting. The best way to find out is for a technician to run a series of tests. A third option is an electric connection. There may be a short from the wire connected to the fan to the unit, so it no longer controls the fan when the HVAC unit is running.

Some blowers get stuck in the relay setting, which is another electrical issue. When a fan continues to blow, you’re looking at a repair or replacement.


Filters are not an HVAC repair, but they are the culprit for several problems. Filters are the easiest HVAC component to maintain but filters become an afterthought. Most homeowners focus on the largest components of their heating and cooling system, but everything begins with the filter.

The filter must be the correct size, type, and minimum efficiency reporting value rating for the HVAC unit in question. Some filters are disposable and others are reusable. Disposable filters are meant to be disposed of after every use. Reusable filters require a cleaning once a month. 

In either case, check their status once a month when the unit runs continuously for several days. Filters that go unchecked during peak season build up a layer of particles. They can only capture so many layers worth of particles.

Once the filter is full, the particles stop sticking to it. They’ll float into the unit starting with the blower motor. If there is a set of ducts attached to the unit, they’ll find their way up the ducts. Loose particles cause a mess within the unit and ducts. They also begin to obstruct the moving parts of the unit. When the obstruction becomes significant, it leads to repairs. 

If your Medulla,FL home’s HVAC unit requires repair, call us at 407-613-6701. We’ll schedule an appointment with one of our Seminole Air HVAC contractors. During the appointment, the technician will troubleshoot the unit and take a look at the problems you describe. Once the inspection is complete, the contractor will outline a list of the next steps. When you’re ready to get started on the work, we’ll schedule another appointment.

We also offer Polk maintenance, installation, and emergency services. For more information, browse our website.

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