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Prices were affordable compared to other companies i reached out.My ac compressor needed to be replaced. He found the problem and replaced the part quickly. Very honest and knowledgeable. I have had no problems since he fixed my ac. I highly recommend!
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Air Conditioning Companies In Crooked Lake Park

5 Services Crooked Lake Park,FL AC Companies Provide

A new air conditioning unit runs between $3,000 to $12,000, including the installation cost. This is an investment that returns dividends over the life of the unit in energy cost savings. Since the break-even point takes a few years to arrive from the date of purchase, it’s important to help the unit stay in good shape. The best way to keep your investment at an optimal level is to schedule services provided by Crooked Lake Park, FL AC companies, especially maintenance.

The following are five services heating, cooling, and ventilation professionals complete when they service air conditioning units. 


As a homeowner, you’ve probably heard about the importance of maintenance for all your major appliances including the HVAC unit. Maintenance receives such an emphasis because it doubles as a preventive service. Preventive service is the best way to catch an expensive replacement or cost repair before it occurs. Maintenance service includes checking the thermostat settings, lubrication of the moving parts, and inspection of the drainage components. 

Specific to a cooling unit, maintenance also includes cleaning the coils, topping off the refrigerant level, and adjusting the blower components. The goal is to return the unit to the recommended manufacturer’s settings. Those are the settings that allow the unit to operate at its best. 

The amount of wear and tear an AC unit experiences depends on the demand placed on it. Polk experiences warm and long days from May through October, so you may run the unit for an extended time. The unit’s job is to cool your home at your desired level. To help the investment reach its intended lifespan, maintenance is a must before the warm weather arrives and after it dissipates.

A maintenance appointment can catch damaged belts, faulty thermostat readings, and a clogged drainage system. It’s a good time to clean the unit inside and out as well as clean or replace the filter.


If you go into peak AC season with a unit that has a damaged belt or clogged drain, you run the risk of making the damages worse. One of the most inconvenient things that can happen in the summer is a cooling unit that stops working. Keep in mind that you won’t be the only one needing service in the middle of a heatwave. Other Florida homeowners will have units that poop out, too, simply because people put more demand on the units for more days and longer hours. It’s a good idea to get ahead of potential problems by having repairs on an AC unit completed ahead of the rush.

The most common AC unit repairs are leaks, drainage issues, and compressor fan problems. Polk doesn’t experience freezing conditions very often, so this isn’t an area that sees too many frozen condenser coils. In northern parts of the United States, however, it’s a thing.

Maintenance helps catch leaks and drainage issues before they become significant and expensive repairs. They don’t occur from one day to the next unless the unit experiences exterior damage. Compressor fan issues are tougher to spot because the fan isn’t always readily visible. Instead, professionals gauge the fan’s health by the number of miles on it. Once the fan goes out, it requires a replacement.


It’s easy to forget about your AC’s filter, but it is the component that requires the most frequent cleaning or replacement. The good news is that a top-grade filter isn’t very expensive. When you use the AC the most, the filter needs attention at least once a month. AC units that operate sparingly don’t require frequent filter cleaning or replacement. It’s something that can wait until the maintenance appointment.

Electrical components with issues require replacement. If an HVAC technician spots a problem with the connections or wires, his next step is to replace them. Faulty wires and connections can lead to sparks that cause a fire or breakers that trip. In the middle of a Crooked Lake Park, FL summer, it’s not ideal to be in a position without an operating AC. It’s always a good idea to take care of issues that are easily prevented.

The blower and fan motor require a replacement. If either of them goes out, professionals recommend the replacement over a repair as soon as possible. One of the reasons why the motors stop running is wear and tear. The motors operate on a nearly daily basis for a couple of months. Then they go back to being idle when the warm weather leaves. Maintenance comes in handy because a technician can spot if there’s anything obstructing the fan’s blades or motor.

An AC compressor is considered the unit’s heart. The compressor moves air pushes air that it absorbs toward the refrigerant. The refrigerant converts the hot air to cool air. Now the hot air turns into vapor and needs a place to go. The compressor pulls it in and passes it into the ductwork or to the fans. A compressor continues the process until the air passing through the AC is the same temperature as the output.


Most Crooked Lake Park, FL AC companies specialize in maintenance, repairs, and installations. It’s convenient for them to be a one-stop-shop because they can extend all their services to their clients.

Even if you’re going to install a new window unit in your home, the process must be completed correctly the first time. Larger unit installations are more expensive product-wise and more labor-intensive. 

If you’re a homeowner who needs a new AC unit installed, you don’t have to go through the entire process alone. A Polk HVAC professional can help you pick out the best size, model, and efficiency rating. Getting the size right is a must for a new installation. It has to fit well in the spot where it’s going to live. It has to cool your entire home without over-exerting energy.

24/7 Emergency Services

Having access to 24/7 emergency HVAC services is convenient. Some HVAC companies offer priority emergency services with their maintenance packages. It’s a nice perk because it puts you in front of the line. If a heatwave lands in your area, your air conditioner won’t be the only one that experiences a problem. 

Heat can get dangerous in some parts of the county. This puts people living in a home without air conditioning in danger, especially if there are older adults or children. In these situations, you have to head out to a cooling center during the daytime and a hotel for the night. 

Seminole Air is among the AC Companies that you’ll find in Crooked Lake Park, FL. We are top-rated and maintain a roster of loyal customers in Polk. We’re also ready to add you. Give us a call at 407-613-6701 to schedule maintenance, repair, replacement service. Additionally, our team of technicians completes installations and answers emergency service calls.

After we inspect your air conditioning unit, we’ll provide you with a free quote and an outline of our findings. As soon as you approve the maintenance, repairs, or replacement, we’ll get started on the job. Feel free to visit our website at https://www.seminoleair.net for more information or to make a service request online.

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