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Prices were affordable compared to other companies i reached out.My ac compressor needed to be replaced. He found the problem and replaced the part quickly. Very honest and knowledgeable. I have had no problems since he fixed my ac. I highly recommend!
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Air Conditioner Repair In Jan-Phyl Village

5 Ways to Avoid Sooner than Necessary Jan-Phyl Village,FL AC Repair Near Me

Your home’s air conditioning unit works hard to keep you cool inside. In return, all you need to do is ensure that it receives proper maintenance two times a year. By keeping the unit well-tuned, you’re ensuring that it operates at an optimal level. It also helps you avoid sooner than necessary professional Jan-Phyl Village,FL AC repair near me services. 

If you have questions about keeping your AC unit in good shape, heating, cooling, and ventilation technicians are available to answer your questions during an appointment. In the meantime, the following are five ways that help you avoid frequent AC repair.


Regular maintenance allows a Polk HVAC professional to clean up, tune-up, and test your home’s air conditioning unit. During maintenance, technicians go through their checklist. The inspection is thorough because professionals take pride in their work. They understand the importance of a well-running unit especially when summer reaches its peak heat days. 

Checklist items include inspecting the evaporator coil, testing the electric control sequence, and replacing any damaged parts. Clean evaporator and condenser coils improve an air conditioner’s efficiency. The drain line and pan receive an inspection and test to ensure that there are no clogs. All moving parts receive lubrication so that they can move without additional effort. 

Polk County AC professionals also have electrical knowledge. This allows them to properly test and inspect the unit’s electrical connections and wires. In the middle of a heatwave, tripping breakers or exposed wires can spark a fire or a power outage in your home.

Testing the thermostat is also on the checklist, especially if it’s analog. Analog thermostats have done their job well for several decades. They also have a 5-degree error rate. The error rate costs you additional energy costs, so it’s important to recalibrate it.


An air conditioner’s filter requires cleaning or changing once every month during peak heat season. If you’re using the AC sparingly, you can wait until the end of the season to clean or change it. HVAC technicians bring with them professional-grade filters suitable for their client’s cooling unit. 

What constitutes the best filter for your unit depends on a couple of factors, including health concerns, energy efficiency, and unit operational integrity. 

Medical-grade filters trap the smallest and most amount of particles in the air. They pair well with air conditioners that can still function with tiny filter holes. For residential purposes, it’s best to use filters that have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) of 5 to 8.

If your home consists of a more powerful air conditioner, then you can bump up to a filter with a higher MERV rating. There are also filters made specifically to tackle allergens and pollutants floating in the air. At the same time, some homeowners will find that they have to reach a compromise between reducing the allergens in the indoor air and energy efficiency.

Those who won’t remember to change or clean the filter at least once a month when the unit gets the most use are better off procuring filters that can handle a couple of months of buildup. This prevents sooner than necessary AC repair. 


The heating, cooling, and ventilation industry’s foundation stands on technology and engineering. The first AC system was invented with the best technology available at the time. Technology and engineering have improved since the early 1900s. The central HVAC system has seen upgrades since the 1950s and 1970s. Along the way from then until now, the AC mini-split and window AC were developed. Now they are more common residential cooling products. An AC add-on that several homeowners are using in tandem with their unit is the smart thermostat.

The smart thermostat works in conjunction with most air conditioning units, even older ones. They have become a tool that allows homeowners to optimize the use of their home’s HVAC unit and extend its life, too. 

A smart thermostat is digital and more accurate than its analog counterpart. It has a half-degree error rate, so right off the bat, you’re optimizing your energy use and costs. There is less cycling and the transition between full power and the off position is seamless. This leads to less wear and tear on the unit.

Those interested in turning their house into a smart home can start with a smart thermostat. The device syncs with other smart appliances including smart assistants. To set it up, download the corresponding app on your smartphone. Once you log in to the account, set up your preferences and adjust the settings. You’ll never worry about leaving the AC running while you’re at work or running errands. 

Once you’ve programmed the device, you can track your energy use. If you’re interested in lowering your energy bills, you can see where you need to cut down because the rates are higher at that time of the day.

If you need a smart thermostat brand and model suggestion, ask a Florida HVAC technician.

Replace Parts

Air conditioning units last between 15 to 20 years. Whether or not they reach their intended lifespan depends on the amount of demand placed on the unit. Maintenance plays a large role; so does the replacement of parts as soon as it’s necessary.

A unit that receives consistent use during the Polk warm weather months is naturally going to experience its fair share of wear and tear. Some parts that are very worn out should be replaced instead of repaired. A repaired part isn’t going to operate at 100%. It’s best to insert a new component compatible with the unit and approved by the manufacturer. 

During a maintenance appointment, technicians point out the parts that require repair. Our company offers customers a free estimate. When you’re ready to begin the work, contact us and we’ll book a date and time for Jan-Phyl Village,FL AC repair near me.

Keep the Area Clear of Obstructions

The larger the AC unit, the more clear space there must be directly around it. A larger unit pushes out more power and output that requires a clear path. If the path is blocked, the output is wasted and raises your energy costs. Obstructions impact the airflow. If the output experiences resistance, it has nowhere to go. In the best-case scenario, the output travels around the obstruction. In the worst-case scenario, the output is pushed back to the unit.

The output that has nowhere to go causes the AC unit to overheat. If the pushback is constant, the unit will overheat. If the pushback is minimal but constant, it negatively impacts the unit, too.

For more information about preventing Jan-Phyl Village AC repair near me sooner than necessary tips and tricks, contact our Seminole Air at 407-613-6701. We’ll schedule an appointment to inspect the current state of your home’s unit. Based on our findings, we’ll offer you suggestions aimed to extend the life of the unit and stave off frequent AC repair. 

We also offer installation, replacement, and maintenance services. Our team is available to answer emergency calls 24/7, too.

To find additional information about our Jan-Phyl Village,FL HVAC services, feel free to browse our website.

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