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Prices were affordable compared to other companies i reached out.My ac compressor needed to be replaced. He found the problem and replaced the part quickly. Very honest and knowledgeable. I have had no problems since he fixed my ac. I highly recommend!
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Very responsive and responsible, on time and ready to work. Great employees and work environment. Would recommend 100%
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Air Conditioning Repair In Eaton Park

5 Reasons You Should Get in Touch with a Professional That Specializes in AC Repair Near You in Polk County

Have you been searching online for “AC repair near me”, but you haven’t been impressed by any of the companies you’ve found? If so, then you’re in the right place! As a leading Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair business, Seminole Air, LLC has been keeping the homeowners of Polk County cool and comfortable for more than 20 years. Our professionally trained, licensed, and certified technicians have the knowledge and skill that you can count on to repair any type of AC problem you’re experiencing. Whether your vents are blowing out hot air, strange knocking sounds are coming out your HVAC unit, or you’re having any other issue with your central air conditioning system, if you’re looking for the most reliable, efficient, and affordable AC repair near you, contact the company that Polk County trusts most: Seminole Air, LLC.

5 Signs You Need to Schedule an Appointment for AC Repair Near You in Polk County

With year-round high heat and humidity levels in Polk County, air conditioning is an absolute must. Just like any other appliance, however, constant use and age can disrupt the efficiency of an HVAC system, and when your AC conks out, conditions inside your home can get uncomfortably and even dangerously hot.

Most of the time, an air conditioner will exhibit signs of trouble before it completely breaks down. To ensure the comfort of your safety and comfort, avoid frustration, and save money, calling in a Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair technician at the first sign of trouble is essential. But how do you know when your HVAC system is on the fritz? Here’s a look at five telltale signs you should schedule an appointment with an AC repair professional as soon as possible.

It’s Blowing Hot Air

When the HVAC system in your Polk County home kicks on, does it feel like hot air is blowing out of the vents? If so, check the thermostat to make sure that it’s set to cool and try adjusting the temperature. If everything seems to be good yet hot air is still blowing out of the vents, something is definitely amiss; there may be a refrigerant leak, the compressor could be broken, or the problem could be as simple as a dirty air filter, for example. A licensed and experienced Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair professional will perform a complete inspection of your system, fix the problem, and will have your AC blowing cool air again in no time.

Moisture Accumulation Near Your HVAC System

If you notice moisture accumulating or leaking around your HVAC system, you’re going to want to contact a Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair specialist right away. There are a number of problems that can cause buildup or leaking moisture. In some cases, the issue could be minor, like a blockage in the drainage tube, which directs condensation away from the unit. In other situations, the problem could be serious, like a refrigeration leak. Even if the moisture seems minor, you’re going to want to get in touch with a professional that specializes in AC repair near you. The longer you ignore the problem, the worse it will become, as something that may have been minor will worsen, and eventually, it will require a more in-depth and costly repair. A reputable technician will detect and correct the root cause of the problem.

Strange Sounds

While it’s normal for an HVAC system to make some amount of noise when it kicks on, usually it’s pretty subtle and it blends into the background. If you hear loud sounds coming from the unit, however, something is brewing. Banging or clanking could be a sign of a loose or broken part, like a piston pin, a connecting rod, or even the compressor. Constant clicking is usually a sign of an electrical problem. Buzzing noises could be related to built-up debris in the unit, a loose or failing fan motor, the condenser may need to be cleaned, or the air filter might be clogged and need to be changed.

No matter what type of noise you’re hearing, if your HVAC sounds louder than usual or it’s making a noise you’ve never heard before, schedule an appointment with a Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair company. A technician from a reliable company that offers AC repair near you will identify the cause and will make the necessary repairs.

Odd Odors

Do you smell a strange scent wafting through your Polk County home when your air conditioner kicks on? If so, definitely reach out with a Eaton Park, FL AC repair contractor. An electrical or burning odor is serious and needs to be addressed right away, as there’s probably something wrong with an electrical component. If left unchecked, the entire system could malfunction, or worse, a fire could break out. If it’s a musty-like scent, that may indicate mold growth in the ductwork and/or vents, and when the system kicks on, mold spores will spread throughout the air, putting the health of you and your family in danger. Odd odors coming from an HVAC system are definitely cause for concern and need to be addressed by a professional.

Inefficient Airflow

If it feels like the air blowing out of your air conditioning vents is weaker than usual, or if you aren’t feeling any air coming out of them at all, you’ve got a problem on your hands. Inadequate airflow could be something simple, like a blockage in the vents, ductwork, or registers, the condenser coil may need to be cleaned, or the air filter might have to be changed. It could also be a more serious issue, like a broken motor.

In order to effectively cool your Polk County home, air needs to flow freely out of the vents. If the flow of air is poor, you’ll want to reach out to a Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair expert as soon as possible.

Contact a Leading Eaton Park, FL Air Conditioning Repair Company

If you’re experiencing one of the above-mentioned problems or you’re experiencing any other issue with your HVAC system, you’re definitely going to want to schedule an appointment with a Eaton Park, FL air conditioning repair expert. Instead of searching online for “AC repair near me”, contact the company that Polk County homeowners trust most: Seminole Air, LLC. Call 407-613-6701 or visit https://www.seminoleair.net today!

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